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I’m disabled due to two debilitating medical injuries. Generally I can’t pay for all of my basic expenses or medical expenses.  I have trouble coping a certain amount of the time. If someone buys a poster or makes a donation it helps me significantly, and I ‘m extremely grateful.

In terms of creative projects, donations will help me finish the books about trauma healing I’m working on. These books will bring illustrated, practical self-therapy exercises and information into the hands of trauma survivors from all walks of life.

If you want to contact me directly to send a Paypal donation or just talk, my email is heidi maria hanson at gmail dot com – all strung together.

Every bit is very much appreciated. Thank you!

– Heidi Hanson, artist and author

Note: Following is a list of some of the books I am working on:

  • The Art of Healing Trauma – Illustrated Self-Therapy Exercises for PTSD
  • The Art of Healing Trauma Coloring Book
  • Reversals – Twelve Ways Trauma Turns Your Own Mind Against You
  • The Grief Jungle Trekkers Guide – Five Grief Video Game Models
  • Trauma Downward Spirals – 55 Ways Trauma Can Lead to More Trauma and Self-Therapeutic Interventions
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