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Participate in a Collaborative Book Project about Healing from Trauma – The Art of Healing Trauma


Aug 23 2012

Participate in a Collaborative Book Project about Healing from Trauma

Two faces, one experiencing PTSD and the other in Recovery

Two faces of recovery – the past and future face each other. These two faces will be part of the cover design

Have you been through a traumatic experience? Do you have a story to tell, poem to write, or art to create about your experiences? I am creating a lot of art and poetry for a book about healing from trauma and it would be wonderful if others participated. This is an invitation to get creative about your healing journey; contributions of drawings, photography, paintings, collages, sculptures, poetry, writing are all welcome.

I have been struggling to overcome PTSD for 8 years and have been creating sketches and poetry about my experiences. The book is meant to be an organization of technical and scientific diagrams, with artwork alongside to give voice to the individual, personal experience related to each topic. At the moment, much of the book is based on the research of psychologist Peter Levine, who developed the trauma healing methodology Somatic Experiencing.

It would be great if this book could be an experiment in collaborative creativity for the purpose of healing people suffering from PTSD and any other trauma-related challenges.

This is what I have been brainstorming about:

Could a book be created under the philosophy of the gift economy (Charles Eisenstein)? The philosophy would be that contributions would be gifts to the book, and gifts to ourselves, as we can heal via the creative exploration of our life challenges, and the book is a gift to the greater community, a gift to the ones who will read it and experience healing.

Would it be practical to make the book about exploring different philosophies of alternative economics? For example, it could be made freely available online and people could purchase the print copy. There could also be a page where people can buy a book and have it donated to a charitable organization of their choice that helps people affected by trauma such as homeless shelters, VA hospitals, anti-sex trafficking nonprofits.

All co-creators’ names would be featured in the front of the book as the list of “co-creators.”

All co-creators names would be featured on the page(s) they contribute as “Source.” A printed copy would be sent to each co-creator.

Community. Healing. Co-creation. Recovery. Overcoming Odds. Giving others a hand. Reaching Out. Participation.

I sense the greatness of these ideals and philosophies, but have to put more thought into how it would all work on a practical level.

Much love,

Heidi Maria Hanson