Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Heidi Hanson. I developed PTSD in 2008 after two serious medical accidents and I have been creating drawings, poetry, videos and songs about my journey of recovery. I was floundering and wasn’t making much headway out of acute PTSD until I found a therapist who is a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, hence many of my drawings relate to my experiences working with Somatic Experiencing. I also developed a number of my own exercises and observations regarding PTSD. I am compiling all of it into an illustrated book. Please visit new-synapse.com for more information.


1. Please keep in mind most therapeutic exercises presented here are based on one person (the author’s) own personal experience. This means they have not been scientifically tested or validated for effectiveness among a varied population of trauma victims. If you decide to try out an exercise be aware you are doing so at your own risk.

2. Please do the exercises under the supervision of a trained and licensed therapist, counselor, psychiatrist or other mental health specialist. If you experience an increase in symptoms, stop and discuss your experiences with your helping professional.

3. There are inherent challenges in self-therapeutic exercises. You have to have developed some degree of self-monitoring and self-management skills so part of your mind can manage the rest of your mind’s symptoms. Some ways to do self-therapeutic exercises responsibly: 1) Only begin after 12 months of therapy has been completed. 2) Go slowly and carefully monitor your responses. Stop immediately if you feel you have opened up part of your psychology that is beyond your ability to manage and seek help. 3) You may elect to bring the exercise to therapy and do it with the therapist managing your experience.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Heidi Hanson


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