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Feb 16 2017

The 8-Step Immobility Healing Exercise – How To Turn Immobility into a Door to Healing Past Trauma

If you find yourself frozen in immobility, what should you say – and what should you not say – to yourself? What can you do to help yourself get out of it? Today I Felt Paralyzed This morning I felt like I didn’t want to get up. It wasn’t voluntary. I didn’t decide I wouldn’t …

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Jun 17 2015

Meditation and PTSD, A Self-Research Study PART 2 – Three Potential Challenges of Meditation for PTSD

(continued from PART 1) One thing I set out to do initially with this experiment on meditation and PTSD was to find out if there were any “pitfalls,” or really just difficulties or challenges, for people with PTSD who want to meditate. I specifically wondered if meditation would end up triggering dissociation or triggering a …

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Jun 15 2015

Meditation and PTSD, A Self-Research Study PART 1 – Nine Potential Benefits of Meditation for PTSD

On February 28, 2014, I posted an article entitled Potential Psychological Dangers of Meditation – Especially Relevant for Those with PTSD in which I compiled a number of different potential psychological difficulties and challenges one may encounter when practicing meditation. I’ve always been a fan of meditation, and have meditated off and on with varied, …

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Jun 26 2014

Pendulation Exercise – Connecting to Resources (Pendulation Article 1)

Pendulation is an exercise to develop a relationship between the “unresourced” and the “resourced” parts of our consciousness or inner universe. Between the lost and the found, the fragment and the whole. Note that this is all from my personal experiences as a Somatic Experiencing client who experiences PTSD.   Stressed Out of My Mind. …

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Apr 06 2014

Rapid Resolution Therapy – Visual Symbols (Session 2)

Here are some visual symbols that came up for me as a result of my second session of Rapid Resolution Therapy. Terms related to generating images of inner states: active imagination, visualization, symbolic representation, guided meditation, visions, visual intelligence The Three-pointed Flame – Symbol of Freedom, Clarity and Wholeness I saw a symbol of a flame …

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Feb 28 2014

Potential Psychological Dangers of Meditation – Especially Relevant for Those with PTSD

There are 84,000 Buddhist meditation techniques*, and there are many non-Buddhist meditation techniques as well. There are sitting meditation techniques that use the repetition of mantras and guided meditation techniques that use visualization and imagination. There are short meditations and extended meditation retreats in which one may meditate for 10 full days. Each kind of …

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