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14 Signs You May Have Unconsciously Internalized Blame the Victim Mentality

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by Heidi Hanson

artist, writer, trauma survivor

Have You Unconsciously Internalized Blame the Victim Mentality Without Knowing It?

This is a checklist of items to reflect on for trauma survivors.

They don’t mean you necessarily have internalized any blame for the traumatic events or for your symptoms, but it’s possible.

These are just things to think about.

(Note: this article is of the Blame the Victim Series, It was originally called Blame the Victim Part 3 – 14 Signs You May Blame Yourself)

You could possibly have internalized blame the victim if you:

  1. Feel shame about the trauma
  2. Feel less than you were before the trauma happened
  3. Feel like you did something wrong, or a number of things wrong, but can’t really pinpoint what
  4. Feel a weight or burden when thinking about the trauma – body collapse, weak muscles, sense of weight on shoulders, tension in body, hanging head
  5. Feel like it’s important not to talk about the trauma because you’ll look bad
  6. Feel like you don’t want to admit what happened because you feel ashamed it took place
  7. Feel shame but don’t know what all it consists of, just feel it
  8. Feel like asking God, or someone, or yourself, to forgive you
  9. Feel like you are the one who caused the trauma
  10. Feel inside that it was you who caused the results of the trauma – injuries, lost friends, lost job, ruination of parts of life, lost opportunities, family judgment against you, lost finances, lost relationships, PTSD, disruptions in life, being taken advantage of because of weakness from the traumas and PTSD, the avalanche of misfortune that often follows trauma.
  11. Feel like your life is not worth as much now
  12. Feel like it’s your fault you were harmed
  13. Feel like you are a “bad” person now
  14. Feel ashamed in relation to certain people in your life who judge you

Everything in this article is the author’s personal opinion based on her experiences.

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