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by Heidi Hanson

artist, writer, trauma survivor

Hi you amazing trauma healing people around the world, 

I just published a new coloring book! It’s called – A Fertile Land of Dreams – Mandalas with Uplifting Poetry Coloring Book. 

This is a creative arts book that combines unique, artistic mandalas with inspirational poetry.  Here is the cover I designed:

A Fertile Land of Dreams Book Cover

A Fertile Land of Dreams Coloring Book Cover

Why Self-regulation is so Important Right Now

Right now it’s more important than ever for us to calm our nervous systems. The collective traumas we’re going through really do take a toll on our bodies. Current events – war, pandemic, economic instability, etc.  –  promote the disintegration of mind and emotions. Doing simple creative things like coloring a coloring book or making arts and crafts can help to integrate the mind and emotions. Coloring is surprisingly relaxing and helps to bring about self-connection and slowing down. Coloring promotes feeling sensations of goodness in the body – enjoyment, relaxation, and settling. Calm, focused coloring also accesses the creative brain which is a different part of the brain than the stressed-out brain – so it promotes the exercising of a calmer part of the brain. 

I hope this book can help people ground, calm down their nervous systems, feel uplifted, and take small time-outs from this stressful world we’re living in. 

Video – Look Inside A Fertile Land of Dreams Coloring Book

Gallery of 35 Illustrations

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Book Description

Let the stress fall away as you color mandalas while reading poetry. Coloring the repeating shapes in mandalas is a fun, meditative activity that helps relax body and mind, reducing overall stress levels.

Coloring is:

  • enjoyable – coloring is an enjoyable, creative activity that helps with overall well-being 
  • relaxing – helps reduce stress in the body which is beneficial for health
  • self-connecting – an off-screen activity that reduces screen time and encourages self-connection

This coloring book contains: 

  • 35 illustrations (29 mandalas and 5 drawings) in 5 categories: Pets, Hearts, Wild Animals, Plants, and Patterns.
  • 30 uplifting, inspirational short poems, quotes, and affirmations about personal and spiritual growth.  

Reading poetry and affirmations can be:

  • healing; messages of hope can be soothing during this challenging time in our world
  • good for self-care: reading messages about self-kindness can be a good way to focus on self-care

Coloring Pages:

The level of detail in the coloring pages is suitable for adults and children 10 and up (although many of the easy ones younger children could color as well without any issue). The mandalas are overall easy to color (without a whole lot of small details). Specifically, there are 15 Easy, 15 Medium, and 5 Detailed (with smaller details) coloring pages. With this variety, you can color depending on your mood. Choose an easy page if you’re in the mood for quick and easy, and choose a detailed page if you’re feeling more meticulous. 

Coloring pages have blank backs.

Gallery of Colored-in Illustrations


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The 30 Poems Featured in the Book


Vampire Cats

Vampire cats
in pear orchard,
teach me your secret
of night vision;
teach me how to see
into the dark.

Cosmic Doggos

Cosmic doggos,
you come from the stars
and serve your hoomans
with exuberant hugs
and slobbery tongues,
your hearts as full
as spring gardens
overflowing with pom-pom trees,
tulips, and trillium.
You share your lives with us,
your loyalty, joy, play,
and when you run, tail wagging,
through heaven’s shining gates,
you leave behind paw prints
of starlight, forever
in our hearts.

Fancy Cats

Fancy cats convening
among ornate
floral arrangements,
teach me how to be
so fully
in my body
of fluffy, fancy fur.

Mysterious Ninja Cats

Mysterious ninja cats,
in your eyes,
and secrets
in your smiles;
even if no one else can see,
your Inner Lions shine

Bold Remover Cats

Oh, bold Remover-of-That-Which
Does-Not-Belong-Near-Me Cats,
teach me to swiftly
cast away
all that is intruding
past my boundaries
and encumbering my
personal space!

Jazz Cats

Jazz cats,
crooning your tunes,
you beckon us to chillax,
to skateboard and dance,
in the velvety night
under the twinkling, twirling stars
and moon


Heart’s Choice

The mind has many options, but the heart has only one.

Spiritual Love Birds

What would you lose if you decided to love people exactly as they are?

What would you gain?

Mending Hearts

A cut to the skin heals,
as if an invisible hand elegantly stitches,
threading the universe’s design
along the health matrix within it.
A wounded heart, pierced by love lost,
may need to be examined, opened, and bled,
but then it will, just as the skin does, mend.
The heart was woven upon the
same health matrix
with the same hand’s stitches,
the same elegant patience.
The journey may be long and painstaking,
perhaps stalling, lost for a time,
but ever forward it inches
because it knows, somewhere inside,
that it was made to be whole,
and wholeness, by grace,
it will again find.

Light Shines Through

Sun setting behind
flower petals, God’s windows.
See? Endless chances.

Wild Animals

Dragonfly Dreaming

flitting up and down,
scintillating iridescently between
the seen and the unseen,
beckoning me to enter
the fertile land of dreams,
and to encounter the limitless
mysterious seeds of my own
Disappear now,


floating up from the mire,
in the otherworldly light,
please teach me to rise up
and find my own way
to the highest place I can be
for my soul’s journey.
As you,
May I touch the silt
of my soul’s swamplands
to the heavenly hum
of my soul’s highest grace.

Worried Owls

Little bitty owls
with big, sensitive hearts,
are you having
worrisome thoughts?
It may be time to
allow some starlight drops
to fall gently into
your fearful thoughts.
now and then, to feel
the comforting light
shimmering down
from your
little star friends.

Ducks Meditating

Ducks meditating
between the earth and the sky
waiting for the rain

Zen Frog Seance

Little frog musicians,
suspended in a
watery, star-filled womb,
in zen séance with
liquid swirls of the moon,
God’s royal songsters
sporting ruffled petticoats
and bejeweled noses,
please cleanse
the hurt from my heart
with your wafting nighttime
orchestral performances.

Fishes’ Wishes

Bubbles, gurgles,
pond plants, fishes,
teach me to go with the flow
of the universe’s
splashes and splishes,
and to regenerate my
softer wishes.

Butterflies of Wealth and Plenty

abundant in color and design,
huge sky for your flight,
your fluttery delight,
among expanses of petals,
vast fields of sun fed foliage,
bounty above and bounty below,
teach me to feel joy
and fulfillment
in the wealth of nature
that surrounds me.

Stylin’ Snakes

Stylin’ snakes
out for the evening,
most dashing gents
on the promenade, a-slithering.
They give a short nod
to the alley hounds scheming,
and a polite smile to the lady cats
they glide aside graciously for the
hurried business chickens,
and toss the squeaky
newspaper mouse a shilling.
Confidently cruising under streetlamps,
they even outshine the aristocrat rats
in their fashionable
bird’s nest hats.

Four Seasons of Courage

Winter Lion’s mental courage
pierces veils of lies. Wielding a sword of truth, he rips apart any disguise.
Spring Lion’s physical courage
builds a home on this Earth. Hunting wholeheartedly after what he wants,
he knows his own worth.
Summer Lion’s emotional courage
supports all feelings to flow. Tending to his anger, fear, sadness, and love,
he allows himself to grow.
Fall Lion’s moral courage
gains enrichment, then gives it away.
He stays true to his moral compass
no matter what forces try to cause him to stray.



Say goodbye to your past
but not to your history;
one is a dragging log, downtrodden,
the other, a strong tree.
Hold on to that which gives your life
roots, and flowerings.


Nobody cares
whether you succeed here
or whether you fail.
There is only the softness of the air.
Only the gentle clouds
gracing the heavens.

A Hushed Ancient Warmth

Beach almond trees,
forest guardians standing between
the cool jungle and the sloping hot
mounded sand that ends up down
at the ocean’s sliding, splashing freedom.
You spread fans of oblong dark green, your black
branches twist and flow upwards in wonder,
and beyond, glimpses of the pregnant water
flowing under entrancing vistas of colorful
providential light.
And then, there is some extra quiet,
a hushed, ancient warmth,
as the frothy light turquoise behemoth
slowly rises and falls, rises and falls,
breathing us,
beckoning us to
to become.

Light the Way

The lights on the way to nowhere
can be turned off,
but the lights in the soul
shine everywhere
and stay on forever.

Sovereign Being

Sovereign being, what is your name?
What paths have you wandered,
heaven’s heart in your hand?
Soil, soft powder, still on your toes
from treading arcs of creativity
through a world of shifting sands.
And you dance with the unknown
you dance
you, a representative
of the infinite layers beyond the sky,
the unfathomable’s friend,
meanderer of the night.
Fill yourself with yourself up to your eyes.
Now consider, does anyone ever
have the right
to steal your experiences
and replace them
with lies?


Water Mirror

If you push water softly,
it flows around your hand.
If you push water hard,
it pushes hard back.
If you embrace water,
it surrounds you in an embrace.
If you slap water,
it slaps you just the same.
Water is a mirror
that gives us clues
about how to dance
with creation.

Cosmic Eskimo Grandmother

Cosmic Eskimo Grandmother,
with your turquoise beads
in hands of creased leather,
you weave sky
patterns you weave
swirls in the snow,
branches crisscrossing,
black beak of the crow,
dotted loon feather,
soft river stones.
Cosmic Eskimo Grandmother,
sing for us today
the old songs,
the old songs of the old ways.

Woman of Solitude

she calls herself Dry Winter

she calls herself Whispering Tears

she calls herself Underground Spring

she calls herself

she calls herself

Powerful You

You have the power
to erase all the lies in your life.
You have the power
to replace all orthodoxy
with the magical ways of nature.
You have the power
to end all the harm in your mind,
to begin… softness.
You have the power
to locate all the edges in your heart
and dance them into oblivion.
You have the power to retrieve all
the glowing shards of your soul
that became lost and scattered
along the way.

Choice Spiral

Every moment, I choose love.
Every moment, I choose truth.

Be Gentle with Creation

Be gentle with creation
like a spider
weaving her web
from point to point,
point to point,
point to point.
She moves mindlessly from within,
watching her work with joy.
No hesitations, no premature actions;
it is a meditation.
Watch the spider weave
the web of destiny,
the web of this Earth.
You are the spider, and
your life is your web.
When the time is full for creation,
create your heart’s desires.


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Back Cover

A Fertile Land of Dreams Coloring Book Back Cover

Thank you so much for reading and I wish you the very best on your healing journey.

Heidi Hanson is an artist and writer located in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is currently working on a series of illustrated self-therapy exercise workbooks for trauma and grief healing.

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