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Here is a collection of articles I have formatted for printing – like mini books. There are also some one page printable resources (lists or exercises condensed to one page). These downloadable PDFs can be printed out easily on your own printer (no images falling off the pages etc.). Note that the articles on this page have more content than the articles on the site because I know more now so when I’m formatting them I add content and make other improvements.

Creating these takes a lot of work. If you feel called to, check out my store and purchase something as a way to make a donation and support my website and creative contribution to the world.  I’m always adding new products so check back now and again to see the new designs. Thanks!!

Free Coloring Pages:

Go to the article “Free Coloring Pages for Relaxing & De-stressing,” for three free coloring pages you can print out and color. These are the coloring pages (you can also download them from here to print):

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  1. Hi Heidi. Your work is beautiful! I work for a nonprofit in CA, Leah’s Pantry. We create trauma-informed nutrition education curricula, and I’m wondering if it’s okay to use your drawing of a man doing a self-holding exercise (he has a blue shirt). We’re creating a curriculum specifically for dads, and I thought this would be a lovely addition, but I wanted your permission before using your work. We would add your name and website as the source. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jennifer, That would be fine with me. Also please mention Peter Levine, as technically he was the one who created that exercise and presented it in a webinar that I took. I will be moving to San Francisco soon… I was looking at your website. As someone with PTSD, I found your site kind of frustrating to navigate. At first I was feeling excited and hopeful because I thought there might be a way to participate or volunteer with you when I get to San Francisco. Your website doesn’t mention where in CA you are located however. I find it so difficult to orient to organizations who don’t tell you where they are located physically. I end up looking on every single page, seeking a way to orient to the organization in physical space, and just feeling more and more disappointed at every page that does not tell me. I end up just feeling completely defeated and helpless by the end. In somatic experiencing, orienting is extremely important. And it’s a big part of being trauma-informed. I actually feel hatred for sites that don’t help me understand where they are physically located or how I can physically interact with them, because it’s become such a big trigger for me now. I’m just telling you this because you may want to help trauma survivors orient to you on your website. For example, when I click on Volunteer, you could say, “Bridge Housing residents THE HEADQUARTERS OF WHICH IS LOCATED IN CITY.” That is orienting. Or on Contact Us, “we are LOCATED in X city, if you are interested in career opportunities in X city, volunteer activities in X city.” I can’t tell you how incredibly frustrating it is to not be oriented on a website. In Programs I clicked on Body Connection thinking surely it will say there because that must be an in person class that maybe I could do? No. In About? You HAVE to have that info in About???? No. So, just letting you know because that is such a big trigger for me to not be informed about how I can interact in person with an organization, it leaves me un-oriented which is I think reminiscent of trauma. The root of the trigger I believe is the kind of amorphous, unclear, dissociated body sense when there is no ability to orient, which is reminiscent of being dissociated. And it just triggers a lot of trauma as I have now many years worth of traumatic and abusive experiences to heal from. Anyway, just thought I’d share! Other than that your organization looks wonderful!!

      1. Hi Heidi. Thank you for the permission to use your image (and for the reminder to credit Peter Levine as well). Thank you also for your feedback about your experience with our website. We are a remote organization, with employees spread out across California. Most of our work is done remotely – developing programs and curricula, training educators to implement these programs, and building capacity with community-based organizations – which is why there is no physical location listed on the website. That said, we do have small offices, in San Francisco and in San Diego, and we do some in-person work in those areas. We will look at updating our website to reflect this more clearly and transparently. Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. I would love to explore your website more but i can’t bc i keep getting asked to prove i’m not a robot just bc i’m using a VPN. I cannot disable my VPN bc I am using public WiFi. Too bad, there was something I really wanted to know more about.

    1. Hey Angel, thanks for letting me know! I use a VPN myself like 99 percent of the time… I have no idea how to fix that but I will ask my website host if they know.

    1. I’m so sorry. The PDF links were broken when I made the site mobile friendly and then my Comments were inaccessible to me for the last year. I finally got those things fixed. Thank you for letting me know!

    1. I apologize, the PDF links became broken during a site upgrade. They are back now. Thank you for your comment! I have been to Brazil a few times, thank you for your work with trauma survivors.

  3. Hello Heidi,
    I’m a life coach from France and Pinterest led me to your blog while I was searching for ressources for trauma healing.
    I find very helpful the 2 step self holding exercise from Peter Levine. I would like to translate your PDF in french, if you allow me ?
    I think it could be very helpful for my clients.
    Thank you !

    1. Hi Marie, I’m so sorry for the late response, these comments disappeared for the last year or so. Yes, you may translate if you are still interested. Thank you for helping trauma survivors!

  4. Hi Cally,
    I would try Meetup, Google, and if you have a local paper that has a website you could check there. I personally have never found a support group for women with PTSD in my city. You could got to the “Women with PTSD United – Support Group” fb group and ask if there are people there in your city that would want to get together to chat and have tea and see where it goes.
    – Heidi

  5. Wondering re and looking for a support group for women living with ptsd (age not a factor/not on fb/and serious
    This site found by accident intrigues me….as art for me is supportive…thank yu!

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