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Metamorphosis copyright 1998 48 inches by 36 inches acrylic on canvas

The Painting Metamorphosis
by Heidi Hanson

The painting needs to embody the divinity, the feeling of a treasure box of discovery, a path of movement, hope, a bird, wings to fly, the emancipation, the flowering, the balance, the becoming, the way, the birth. Apocalypse - Lifting of the Veils.
- written during the painting of Metamorphosis

1. a transformation, as by magic or sorcery.
2. a marked change in appearance, character, condition, or function.
3. a change in the form and often habits of an animal during normal development after the embryonic stage. ( The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

This painting represents the human race’s metamorphosis from a focus on money and power, to a focus on the heart. It captures some of the elements and difficulties in the movement from prejudice to universality, from secrecy to transparency, from patriarchy to inclusion of the feminine, destruction to creation, divisiveness to wholeness.

Around the central figure of a woman are Earth’s destructive forces: volcanoes, earthquakes, fires.  The old ways need to be destroyed for the new to arise and this destruction can be painful at times. The woman’s expression is subtle. It can be interpreted as being either fear and misgiving, or serenity and a small knowing smile.  It depends on what you focus on. When I first noticed this I was a bit disturbed by it – why did she seem afraid and not afraid at the same time?  Perhaps she is an afraid human, but the divine in her is not afraid at all, instead it is confident.  “The Earth is healing,” she is thinking, “I will be better off for it soon, you will see”.

The Book of Revelations/The Apocalypse
The Book of Revelations captures us because of the cataclysmic change and destruction.  Was it a premonition, someone seeing into some future scenario?  What does it show us?

This painting connects to the Book of Revelations in that it depicts cataclysmic destruction, and it is the book cover for a book based on the Book of Revelations. The first large painting I ever painted is Sophia - and that is directly out of the Book of Revelations.  I painted that when I was 18. So then I was led back to the Book of Revelations at 25 with Metamorphosis. In my notes for Metamorphosis I say that the Book of Revelations is "A road map - It's purpose is not only to inform but to give souls a chance to make real choices for their own evolution, and to understand deeply for themselves why it is they choose what they do." I’m not sure how I interpreted the Book of Revelations this way, but one thing is clear.  People are being given the choice in an overall sense whether to break out of the old or to remain entrenched in it.

Growing Heart
You will notice that the very center of the painting is the woman’s heart.  Is not the woman’s heart a symbol of our salvation?  The caring of a mother for her child – if taken out into the world in such places as the basis of new political policies, the company mission statement of all major corporations, and the pillar for all international treaties – this would be a different world.  So the painting embodies the heart’s love and the feminine’s gentleness and wisdom, as the path to take for our evolution.  Standing proud and secure in the midst of world destruction, she is waiting her time.

Voice of Divinity
Home, Kingdom of Heaven (our true origins)
Equality Among All Races
The woman is wearing a robe of white and turquoise.  White is closely connected to divinity. Blue is the color of the voice, the throat chakra. She is a voice of divinity. The woman is an indigenous person who can see into the future – she has the ability to see across time and thus “just knows” things. The very first sketch for this painting is the woman and she is very brown and appears to be Indian (from India). In the final sketch for the painting she is a very old wise woman with gray braided hair. She could be Eskimo, Native American, aboriginal, perhaps mixed in with Hawaiian as well. Mixed blood breaks boundaries of prejudice.  She is also of divine origin - the reminder to us of our true origins is the cloak.  This is an indication that she comes from a different world.  In addition there are friendly spacecraft.  They could be her personal spacecraft, or friends, or beings observing. Thus, The Woman is connected to the Earth and the Sky.

Cutting Through Illusion
The Unknown, the Adventure
Awakening to Joy
There is a path leading down the center of the painting.  The Central Path is the way that cuts through illusion.  The path of heart (emotional maturity), the path of wisdom (intellectual development).  The path of serenity, avoiding emotionality.  It keeps above the fray.  It also continues again across the water to the spaceship – as if this way never ends it just keeps on going.  It doesn’t stop due to tragedy or disruption. It doesn’t fall into the water (emotion) but skims along above it. And then it’s “Beam me up Scotty – time for my next adventure!”  The illusion that the path is cutting through on one level is the illusion of suffering, and it is also the illusion of being small, being tied into all the pain, and all the misery of this Earth.  It’s the woman when she looks afraid, and it’s us when we are in despair.  What does it take to walk THAT path – that central path?  This world is drenched in suffering.  So it takes a lot to walk that path. And ultimately the path of truth, through the unknown and the adventure, leads to the awakening of joy.

There are three circles – the bottom one is Present Day Earth, the next one up is Earth Changes Earth, and the third as mentioned before is the Heart Centered Earth, or the Circle of Life. Present Day Earth – the bottom-most circle - is operating in the present moment primarily from energies of the first, second, and third chakras, resulting in a focus on survival, sexuality, and power. Notice the orange-yellow color, which is the color of the second and third charkas. Power play is “fun” for many people, although in truth it is destructive, warlike and animalistic. Earth-Changes Earth depicts a possible scenario for future physical changes of the planet – showing the receding coastlines due to global warming. Other indications of major Earth Changes are the earthquake, depicted cutting through the green field on the right side of the painting, and the volcano erupting on the left.  The city in flames is the result of the earth changes.

The Mansion of Light and Black Butterfly
The Circle in the Center has a mansion or temple in it. "My Father's House has many mansions" is a statement from the Bible that to me points to the fact that there are many energetic dimensions in the kingdom of heaven. The mansion is white to signify the "light" side of the masculine. There is a black butterfly emerging from its cocoon near the Mansion of Light. The butterfly is black to signify the "dark" side of the feminine, the void, the womb.  It is emerging to create balance alongside the Mansion of Light. In the heart center, light and dark are integrated into wholeness.  Duality consciousness moves into the understanding of oneness because of the heart's lack of judgment.  The imagery of oak leaves encircling the heart represents the return of balance in nature, reflective of a heart-centered planetary consciousness that loves and respects all life forms.

Animals are part of everything going on
The setting is a northern region - such as Alaska or Canada. Within the mountains there are animal spirits – the polar bear with cubs and the caribou.  Bear represents the protective embrace of the mother for her children. The Eagle carrying a snake, and Owl are also here.

Other Symbols
To the left of the woman is Sananda or Jesus Christ to symbolize Christ Consciousness. To the right is Merkaba Man, a symbolic representation of the merkaba, or light body (the merkaba is a specific kind of light body that accelerates out of body travel - like a little boat - Egyptians used them a lot). The Winged Horse represents Arcturus.  Kryon is the orangish light being on the right side of the painting. The angel is assisting souls who experienced a traumatic death.  Athena is radiating the Divine Feminine energy into the pentagon, a symbol of the masculine energies out of balance. The Russian Temple, Mansion, Observatory and New York Stock Exchange are also symbols of the masculine strength of physical manifestations. Below Christ’s face - a man is standing in white on a mountain, hands out - this is Sunat Kumara, Ancient of the Ancients - snowy white, very OLD, with a pointed nose The Dolphin represents divine messages. Planets and Systems represented - Mars, Venus, Saturn, Orion's Belt, Aldebaran, Pleiades, Vega, Arcturus, and Spika. There is a Starship above the winged horse and also one on the very top of the painting.  This represents going home. The Rainbow arcing over the whole painting is a symbol of hope, the meeting of heaven and earth, divine grace.

Nurturance and Destructiveness Dichotomy
Now - some years after painting it - when I look at Metamorphosis I feel a very deep nurturing quality.  And it's a strange mixture to me - a deep sense of being safe and nurtured alongside mass destruction - earthquakes, volcanoes, perhaps storms, floods.  There are souls who died in an earthquake and are being held by angels.  There is a picture of the Earth after global warming floods all the coastal cities but it looks peaceful, serene almost, quiet. Over everything is the presence of this wise old woman almost part of the earth, who has been there possibly since the very beginning of humanity.  She is there holding everything that is going on in a circle.  Everything in the painting revolves around a perfect circle - nothing is, in a sense "outside" the circle.   What does that mean?  I don't know.  That is for others to interpret for themselves.  Personally I feel mankind is indeed "outside" the circle - the circle that would be life based on natural laws, universal ethics.  Certainly the economic system does not appear to be based on nature where for example the gifts of a tree are shared and the tree receives all it needs and lives in natural harmony throughout its life...but, perhaps there is something even more tricky going on.  Did you ever realize that 911 - the numbers 911 are the universal call for help? When there is absolutely nowhere else to turn- you call 911.  That is part of this painting too.  That juxtaposition of the disaster and the help.  The destructive force of the earth and the nurturing force of the Earth. The trauma and the assistance offered.  The Emergency that requires immediate attention and responsiveness from all of us.  So it is a depiction of the symbol of 9-11 – the number that represents BOTH disaster and help wrapped into one.

Metamorphosis therefore has to do with The Heart and Equality of Races, a Path of Truth and the dark and light sides of transformation, the Book of Revelations and September 11 - and the question “How can humanity successfully get through its metamorphosis - and begin to perceive the help that lies beyond the devastation? How can humanity begin to find the feminine, the quality of nurturing each other, of giving to each other - everything mothers do for their children?”