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Jun 22 2015

Healing from Trauma and PTSD – Nine Reasons NOT to Talk About “What Happened”

I believe that the telling of one’s story of trauma can be a sacred and therapeutic act. But the story might need to remain untold for years. And, when it’s finally time to tell it, it might need to be told in a specific way and a specific context for the full therapeutic value to …

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Apr 29 2014

Measuring One’s Unique Experience of Trauma – Measuring Trauma Graphic

This graphic is a tool I created that one can use to evaluate one’s unique experience of trauma. It contains a list of different spectrums of experience one can use to reflect on where their own experiences may fall and how this very personal combination of factors could have contributed to or reduced trauma related …

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Oct 27 2012

Tool for Measuring Trauma and The Likelihood for Developing PTSD

Note that there is a more developed version of this graphic here. This graphic depicts many different characteristics of what could be referred to as “Big T” trauma. I consider “Big T” trauma to refer to one impactful event or a time period of extreme stress with a clear beginning and end. The items listed …

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